Vision & Mission Statement

Our Values

Is offering a welcome to those in any kind of need. Every day, we say ‘come in, you are very welcome’ and every day we are inspired by the strength, humanity and hospitality of the people that we work alongside.
The support that we offer is underpinned by the active gift of kindness, caring and a demonstration of being willing to help.
We respect the dignity of each person, to choose how they live and our support and care does not degrade a person’s inherent dignity.

Group Vision Statement

Inspired by our heritage of Hospitality, we support each individual to reach their full potential.

Group Mission Statement

“Our mission is to identify, respond and support the needs of all individuals, in the manner of Saint John of God.”

Group Philosophy

The philosophy of the Saint John of God Hospitaller Services Group which underpins our Vision and Mission is that people are the creation of God, with intrinsic value and inherent dignity.