Session 3 – 30 years of Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Research

Tuesday 24th November 2020 – 9.00-13.00

9.00 am – Opening of the Day – Chair – Prof Mary Clarke

9.05 am – ‘The importance of Research’ –Self Advocates & Sarah Boland, Liffey Valley Services.

9.10 am – ID Video Reeling in the Research Years

9.13 am – Intellectual Disability Services

‘30 years a growing in Intellectual Disability Services’ – voice over Christina Doody

‘Person Centeredness in Action – Caroline Dench, Callan Institute

‘Research that makes a lasting difference’ – video discussion’

9.43 am – CAMH Video Reeling in the Research Years

9.46 am –Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

‘Research over 30 years in CAMHS’ – Prof Fiona McNicholas

‘National Clinical Program in DBT & Implementation in Clinical Settings – Dr Clodagh NiMhaolain & Cork DBT Research Program
‘Research and Service Innovation in CAMHS’ – Shane Hill & Kevin Madigan

10.21 am – 5 minute Break

10.26 am – Malawi Community Services
‘Decade of Evidence Based Personalized Care through Research: Malawi – ”Dr Charles Masulani, Malawi Services.

10.36 am -Adult Mental Health Services Reeling in the Research Years

10.40 am –Adult Mental Health – SJOG Hospital

‘Practice Based Research in Medicines Optimisation’, SJOG Hospital Pharmacy, Prof. Dolores Keating.

‘Psychological Research in SJOGH: its past, present and future’, Psychology Department Hospital, Dr Keith Gaynor.
‘Addiction Service Research – past, present and thoughts on the future? Prof. Colin O’Gara.

11.10 am – 5 minute break

11.15am -DETECT Services
‘Psychosis Research: Looking Back, Moving Forward’ Prof Mary Clarke
‘DETECT research on a two-pronged approach for vocational recovery’ Niall Turner

11.50 am – Cluain Mhuire, Community Mental Health Services
‘Occupational Therapy & Vocational Rehabilitation Research’ Niall Turner
‘A decade of service-based research in adult community mental health’ Dr Lucy Moore & Dr Jim Lyng

12.20 am – 5 minute Break

12.25 am – Live SJOG Panel – Chair–Prof Mary Clarke, Dr Keith Gaynor, Dr Muireann McNulty, Caroline Dench, Shane Hill, Dr Blennerhassett, Dr Fay Murphy.

What has been the impact of Research over the past 30 years? What are the challenges for research into the future?

12.50 am – Close of Conference – Dr Ruth Barrington, Chair, Saint John of God Research Foundation.

13.00 – End